An Artist with great melodies and production chops releasing her sixth  album 'Reverse Rewind'

Tess Callaghan is a singer-songwriter originally from Ireland now living between London, Dublin and mainland Europe.  

Summer 2015 Tess recorded her debut album 'Rules Of The Road', including tracks 'I WIll Arise And Go Now', 'Favourite Director', 'Just Passing Through' and title track 'Rules of the Road'.  Soon after, working with the same musicians on all her recordings (including Barrie Cadogan, Little Barrie, and Simon Little, Divine Comedy) Tess recorded second album 'Ravens and Butterflies'. Late 2016 Tess recorded her third album, 'Magpie Rose', released January 2017, promoting 'In Your Prime' as first release.  After travelling through Russia, Mongolia and China on the Trans Siberian train and playing a number of live shows in late 2016, Tess went back in the studio Spring 2017, recording two albums in three days, the first, 'Suit And Tie', a collection of topical and/ or love inspired songs, the second, 'Trans Siberian Tracks', drawing on the reality she experienced on the Trans Siberian trip. Tess went back in the studio Summer 2018, the result two new albums, Reverse Rewind and I Stand Alone.  Dave Ital (M People, Chaka Khan) joined the musicians as lead guitarist, his inspired playing heard for example in the guitar solo of The Three Graces, a one take overdub.  May 2019 Tess released her sixth studio album 'Reverse Rewind' on Bandcamp (see under 'Reverse Rewind' tab).  Tess is working on her eighth collection, 'Dirty Little Halo', more news on this exciting, acoustic project later in the year. album

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